7 Clans Casinos, Minnesota.

Seven Clans Casinos wanted more than just a "jingle". They wanted a song that would be memorable and appeal to a broad range of their current and prospective clientele. They chose Vivid Gray after hearing Jay Casmirri's work with Arizona duo "The Blenderz". Jay wrote and performed all parts (except drums and harmony vocal), and recorded the song in 8 versions at The Salt Mine Studio in Arizona.

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Maybe you'd like a custom song of your own. One that would convey the character of your company. We're not one of those places that cranks out a hundred "jingles" a day. We truly handcraft music to fit your company and the messaging that you already have in place, or are about to introduce. Often we can even help you develop that "catchy" tagline as a part of the process of creating your music.